January 21, 2013

A Card for An Angel

Hey peeps.  I have a special card for you today.  One of the teachers at my son's school (I'll call her Ms. F to keep her identity) is a true angel.  She has always been there for my son and so many other students during her time as a teacher in our community.  She constantly gives her all to the children and they think of her as a second Mom.  A few weeks ago, Ms. F and her family were the victims of a heinous crime while at home.  This is the place you are suppose to feel your safest.  The cowards that commented this crime are truly not God fearing individuals with only destruction and violence in their hearts and minds.  I am truly saddened that such a wonderful human spirit had to experience such pain.  So I made this card for Ms. F along with adding a gift card to help her and her family during this time.  Ms. F please know that the Joy family loves you and pray that in time God will restore to you and your boys the sense of being safe in your own home.

Hugs and love to you~      

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