June 19, 2013

Mo's Digital Pencil - School's Out

Hey peeps.  Back with a quick card.  I just had to play along with this week's challenge over at Mo's Digital Pencil. The theme was School's Out!  Well I know a few teachers who are going to be doing some beach retreating away for all of their students.

I have to give a HUGE applaud to all the teachers out there.  You do a remarkable job with sometimes the most challenging kids EVER!!  So I toast to you and a job well done. I can say I never had the patience to be a teacher.  Oh, Lord I would of been fired with some of the kids in this world today.  My mother instinct would of kicked in and a little bit of "who do you think you are talking too?" would be slipping out.  And not in a good way.  LOL

Well thanks for stopping by today.  Hope to see ya back here later in the week.

Hugs and love~

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