May 19, 2016

ColOWLful Color Pencils Review

Hey hey peeps!  You guys know I'm always on the look out for products that are amazing!  We all know that the coloring craze is still here and not going anywhere. Having the right tools to color is essential.  When I was approached by the makers of ColOWLful Color Pencils, I dug in and did some research.  Some of the things that stood out were these pencils are eco friendly, non toxic and cruelty free for animals. I mean who wants to make pretty things with products that are toxic to us or our kids? No this chick!  I loved their motto so I sent back an email and said I would do a review.

Before I share my video review I'll give you a head up on something.  You are going to want these pencils. LOL  A few weeks back I shared some color pencils I picked up from World Market.  One of the packs are now going to be artwork on my wall.  Quality was not there.  They are really pretty color pencils with no value.  Upon using the ColOWLful color pencils the first thing I noticed was how smooth they colored.  I tested them on several kinds of paper from mixed media, to watercolor and regular card stock.  Also on different coloring books I have and they worked great on all of them.  I love the vibrancy they have and how well they blend.  So let's take a look at the video.

And lastly the price point on these artist quality color pencils are only $14.95.  Fantastic price for the quality that you are getting with these pencils.  Now since I've given you the scope, head on over to Amazon and pick up your pencils today.  You won't be sorry. Also take a look at their blog and website.  They offer you free downloads for you to color.  Have a great Thursday everyone and I'll see you back here soon.

Go forth and be crafty~

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