January 18, 2017

Prepping for CHA 2017

It's almost here everyone.  I can't believe I'm even saying this but I'm going to be at CHA this year in Phoenix, Arizona. This picture was taken on Summit Mountain.  I think that was the name.  I was too scared to go up any further so this is where we stopped and took a pic and started our driving back down.  Yes, I'm the friend that hates heights.

If you are unfamiliar with CHA it is the Craft and Hobby Association. This is where you join thousands of creative industry professionals for the ultimate creative industries event. CHA is the heart of creativity and ​Creativation is the place to learn, connect and discover. Learn what’s new, what’s trending, connect with new buyers, suppliers, designers, makers, bloggers, media and entrepreneurs from around the world and discover new products, inspiration, ideas and innovations.  I know a mouth full right?( I took this info directly from the webiste ;-) )  But to me, this is going to be a dream come true.

I've been in Arizona since last Thursday and within a day I got a sinus infection.  Not how I planned on spending the beginning of my trip here.  My daughter and bestie and I were suppose to be shopping and hanging out but nope Mom and daughter had to get sick.  However this gave me the opportunity to line up my schedule with people I want to make sure I meet and companies I definitely want to introduce myself to.  Oh, yeah I got a tattoo.  Yup, before you ask the question, it hurt like hell!  And the reason I got it, I lost a bet to my daughter.  She also has a feather so I got one as well.  It's already healing and I have NO regrets.  The things I do for my kids. Okay back to CHA news.

If you have been a follower of my blog, Youtube channel and Periscope than you know I just LOVE sharing great products with all of you.  So having this chance to see the products up close and personal before they hit the market is huge for me.  But most importantly is meeting the people behind the companies, blogs, Periscopes and Youtube channels I admire so much.  I'll be able to finally squeeze on them and sprinkle them with some JOY!

I will be doing LIVE Periscope and Facebook broadcast starting FRIDAY so stay turned.  You can find me HERE on Periscope and HERE on Facebook.  Let's get ready for some fun, excitement and money dropping because this my friends is going to be mindblowing. 

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