I participate in affiliate programs.   This means I may receive a commission when products are purchased through links used on my blog. I may use these products in post, tutorials, videos or on my other social media platforms. (There is no cost to my followers.) I will not share products that I do not personally enjoy.  IF I'm interested in a product I will share it with you and I give you my HONEST opinion on all products I do share with you.  I will tell you if a product is difficult to use and may require practice to achieve a good result.  Majority of the products featured I have PERSONALLY paid for however some products may have been sent to me if I am asked to be a designer or guest designer for a company.  I will mention that in my post or tutorial.  However my HONEST opinion will always be given.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at gotjoycreations@gmail.com

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