October 10, 2011

Color Me Creative Classes - San Jose, CA

No card today.  I have had one full weekend and it's finally almost 7pm and I can start to slow down.  And the dentist sucked all my creative juices from me when she filled me up with novacaine to finish up a crown.  Then charged me $326 for the visit with only a temp crown put in.  Have to go back in two weeks for the permanent one.  Don't cha just love return dental appointments?  Gives you the warm fuzzies doesn't it?  (grrrrr) Anyway, I wanted to pass on some Copic info to you.  If you are in the San Jose area and would like to take a class with Suzanne Dean "the Copic queen" she still has some slots available.  The classes will run Oct 22-23.  For more details check out all the details here.  Now I'm off to unwind and relax a little.  I'll have some amazing cards to show you later in the week.

Hugs and blessings~

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