November 21, 2012

Give Thanks

Hey peeps.  First let me say Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and followers.  I know....I'm a day early.  Tomorrow I will be making my normal feast for the family and will probably be too tired or have too much "adult beverage" in me to remember to get online and say it. LOL  I'll be sipping on my wine while shopping the internet.  I DON'T do crowds!  They drive me crazy.

Anywho, here are some gifts I gave to some of the sweetest ladies I know.  We have a "spouse" dinner once a month and I needed them to know that I am so thankful for their friendship.  Being a military spouse you run across some of the most amazing ladies.  This group of ladies are the BEST EVER!! 

Well, gotta run.  Have to start my pies and sip on some "punch".  LOL 

Hugs and love~

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