November 11, 2014

Holy RESIN!!!

Hey peeps.  I'm back today with a tutorial using some Environmental Technologies Inc. products.  This is the first time I have ever used resin and silicone products so I was excited to see how I could make some magnets with them. Here's is a tutorial to help you see how it all came together.

So let's start with the products I used to make my mold.  I used the Easy Mold Silicone Putty and the Ann Butler Designs 1" Stripes, Dots and Hearts stamp.  I used some nitrate gloves to protect my hands. 

Make sure to follow the directions when mixing this product.  The directions will help ensure you have great results when making your mold.  You want to use equal parts of each product.

Next I'm going to use an Ann Butler Designs stamp from the 1" Stripes, Dots and Hearts stamp set.  This will make a great impression in my putty.  I used a few more items to make additional cast.  You can use buttons, charms, etc to make your casts.  The options are endless.

Once my putty has cured it's time to prep my EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy.  I'm going to use some  Castin' Craft transparent dye in the color of amber and some glitter. Again, make sure you follow the directions for mixing your resin and hardener.  I made sure to use the Castin' Craft mold release on my molds to prevent my resin from sticking when it came time to release it from the molds.

Here is one of my resin pieces.  You can really see the details from my stamp now. Below is another casting where I used a heart pin to make my impression.  It will take approximately 24 hours for your resin to cure. 

Since I had some resin left over I used one of my EasyCast Resin Jewelry molds to fill in a few hearts.

Here is what my resin looks like after it has cured for the 24 hours.  Pretty cool!!  I love the texture I got with the stamp.  This resin was really easy to work with as well.  Your biggest obstacle, your patience in waiting for it the cure. ;-)

I glued on a piece of background paper I made using a stamp from the 2" Leaves all over stamp set from Ann Butler Designs.  This made a great background for my heart resin.  Next I glued on some magnets to each piece and I was done. 

I loved working this these products.  With all the great directions in each box it made the process rather easy and fool proof.  Now I just need to figure out what I'm going to make next.  LOL

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope I have your creative juices flowing.  Stretch outside of your comfort zone and give casting a try.  I never thought working with putty and resin could be so much fun.

Hugs and love~

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