March 29, 2015

Little Crafty Haul #8

Hey peeps.  Back today with a quick video of some items that have made it into my stamp room.  I haven't been doing a ton of shopping lately as I really need to use some of the items I have on hand.  I'm trying to challenge myself to use more of what I already have before I add new things to the mix.

At least every six months or so I do a inventory check of my stamp room.  If there is an item I have not used in the last six months I make note to use it within the following six months.  If I still don't use it then it needs to leave it's place in my room.  I just don't like feeling overwhelmed with items that are not bringing me joy and happiness.  Sometimes we all have to admit we purchase stuff on a whim and then realize that we really never liked the item to begin with.  We ended up purchasing it because it was on sale or we saw a video and said "OMG...I have to have that".  I'm trying to do better now. ;-)

Okay, on to my little video.  I hope you'll find it entertaining at say the least.  LOL  I'll see you guys back here real soon.  I have a couple of tutorials I want to share with all of you.

Go forth and be crafty~

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