December 6, 2015

Thank You

Hey peeps.  Today's post is a little different.  Many of you who follow me on Periscope know that my mom is dealing with breast cancer.  She had her surgery on Friday and is doing well. I know that God will do mighty things for my mother and her healing will be just fine.  I'm writing this post to THANK all of you who have sent my mother cards.  She will be released from the hospital today and will be SOOOO surprised to see all the well wishes.  You guys ROCK!


Here is a pic of my beautiful Mommy.  She is such a tough cookie.  She has beat all challenges in her life and I know she will beat this one too.  She is covered and prayers and love.  Thank you again everyone for all your support, your emails and prayers.  Have a fantastic day!

Go forth and be crafty~

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