August 8, 2017

Let's Get a Little Salty Shall We?

Hey peeps.  If you missed my Uncommongoods post from yesterday make sure to click HERE to see my review on some awesome sprinkles.  Today I'm sharing with you my salty side.  When I cook I must incorporate good flavor.  The Flavors Of American Salt Collection helps me do just that. You can find it HERE

This beautiful assortment of salts is absolutely amazing.  This is not your average table salt people!!  Oh no love...these salts ring with robust chipotle, hickory and even merlot.  Yes...MERLOT!!  I know...fabulous right?!?! These make also gifts for the grill masters in your life too.  If you need some awesome gifts for those gentle giants you can find more HERE

This one here is jalapeno pepper. You can actually see all the flavors in these salts.  They come in these beautiful corked glass test tubes with a gorgeous bamboo rack and a tiny salt spoon! 

What I also love about this set is the salt guide.  It shows you what you can use each of the salts for.  Look you can even rim your drink glasses with them. Oh my dirty martinis will never be the same. Oh these would rim up some glasses nicely for the ladies.  Uncommongoods has tons of gifts for the ladies too.  Check them out HERE.

Want more gift giving ideas click HERE to make your next birthday gift the best one ever!! Make sure to swing back by here tomorrow.  We will be taking flight so you might want to buckle up!

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