July 17, 2009


Welcome back everyone. How many time have you just wanted to stash a little something in a box, bag or container to say thanks to someone who has done a nice favor or task? Well I have had plenty of awesome friends to thank and what better way then to do it with a cute little box full of sweets. I decided to make the Peek-a-boo box from the SCS tutorial. These are the cutest little treasures and pretty easy to make. Just make sure you have acetate on hand or some clear envelopes so your candy doesn't fall out. I'm going to fill my little treasures with jelly beans, M&M and Mike and Ikes. I'm a straight up junk food junkie. I think I need rehab! LOL Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at mzdjoy@yahoo.com . Have a great weekend everyone.
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