April 5, 2012


Hey peeps. Haven't had a chance to post anything as I just underwent surgery last Friday. Still in the hospital driving myself and my doctors crazy. One blessing is having my Copics, some images and designer paper with me to kill time. I get all kinds of questions...are you a kindergarten teacher, is the makeup in that bag, are those blood vials? When I tell me they are markers and I make my own cards, they look at me like I'm a little off. I pull up my blog and a few of my favorite blogs to show them what I mean. Then they say "why do you make your own cards? Do you have something against Hallmark? I just laugh and tell them Hallmark has nothing on our beautiful creations. :-). Well I hope to be out of here soon and back to my stamp room. I must say, the more meds I get the more creative my coloring is. LOL Hugs and love, Dana
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