October 30, 2014

Cool2Cast Blog Hop - E-book Review

Hey peeps.  Do I have some exciting news.  I had the pleasure and opportunity to do an e-book review for the new book by Tiffany Windsor called Cool2Cast Tips, Techniques and Ideas for Jewelry, Home Decor and Embellishments!  This book has a wealth of information for all of us crafters.  But before I get started with the review let me give you a little bit of background about Tiffany.

Tiffany is best known in the creative community as the founder of the Cool2Craft community featuring the popular on-line Cool2Craft YouTube video channel. She developed a love for inspiring the creative community when she was the producer/host of Aleene’s Creative Living Television show and editor of Aleene’s Creative Living Magazine. Tiffany has made regular appearances on QVC and HSN and has authored over 20 hard-cover and soft-cover books.

With all this knowledge that Tiffany has to share I have to say this book was a-mazing!  One of the things I noticed right off the back is all the glorious photos of example projects you can make with Cool2Cast products. For me it's all about visual references.  I need to be able to see the artwork and not just read about it.

Next this book has so many step by step instructions that easily helps walk you through the process of using Cool2Cast products for all your crafting needs.  From making jewelry pieces to home decor.  You will never have to guess "I'm I doing that right?"  There are instructions for using Cool2Cast with traditional molds, unusual molds and molds using your regular household items.  On top of all that, there is a section on ways to color your casting medium.  Now that is COOL!!  So this e-book get a HUGE TWO THUMBS UP from me.

I also want to mention that Bella Crafts Quarterly Fall 2014 magazine is now available! Bella Crafts Quarterly is the #1 craft magazine that is always FREE for readers to view online or download.  Make sure to click here for your free copy today.

Hugs and love~

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