January 6, 2015

Just Add Some Sprinkles

Hey peeps.  I'm finally back in my stamp room creating.  To be honest, it was so hard to get myself back in gear.  The holidays have had all my days looking like a blur.  I even looked at my calendar and thought "humm...where did Saturday go?"  I don't even remember seeing it.  LOL

So being back in my stamp room and getting my creative juices flowing is a good thing.  I'm sticking to my organizer so today is the day for a challenge.  Yup, I'm going to try and participate in more challenges this year.  Not to over stress myself out but to gain some new friends and maybe learn a few things.  Hey, that's what our hobby is all about right?

So here is my first shaker card for 2015.  I just had to use this stamp set from Papertrey Ink.  This is one of my favorites from my purchases in 2014 and I don't use it enough.  It was perfect for the challenges going on over at Seize the Birthday and Cure The Monday Blues.  My friends will tell you I'm a huge freakin' nut job over sprinkles.  If I could just eat them on everything my life would be AWESOME!!!  I think it should be a food group all in itself.

I better get back to stamping.  I have a ton of DT work to get done.  Plus I want to play around with some stencils I purchased and never got around to using.  So there's a hint of what my next card may contain. :-)

Go forth and be crafty~

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